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Through the restrictions of the pandemic, the unreliable British weather, and a desire to offer an outlet for children’s imagination, Play-tropolis was born.

Our story began with my son and I. Being a mom and working full time, our weekends are precious and I’m constantly looking for something exciting to do. After exploring every park in the Midlands through the pandemic, I was after something a little more.

A children’s role play centre was an idea I toyed with for years, even before the birth of my son, however honestly, I never had the guts to go for it, till now. Since having my little one, I understand even more the importance of role-play in a child’s early development. Watching my son use his imagination whilst playing, and the scenarios he created with just a few toys truly amazes me, I then started to imagine what he and other children could do at a role play centre dedicated to building those scenarios. After that, I took a leap of faith and decided to fully invest into that idea I had been hesitant about for so long, because what better way to spark a child’s imagination than to let them be fully immersed in a world created for them. 

And just like that, from my constant urge to be creative and provide fun for my son, and my understanding of the difficulties we as parents face, Play-tropolis was born - and the rest is history!

Play Session Prices

off peak
weekdays non school holidays


£10.00 includes one adult entry

Additional Adult



Free (with full paying child)

Lone Adult with Pre-walker/baby



£7.75 (Ofsted registration certificate and photo ID required on arrival)

School Holidays, Weekends & Bank Holidays


£11.00 (includes one adult entry)

Additional Adult



Free (with full paying child)

Lone Adult with Pre-walker/baby


Play-tropolis Events

SEN sessions

We run a SEN session throughout the school holidays but please contact us for dates or check our social media.

You’re welcome to contact us prior to your visit to advise us of any specific needs your child has. These sessions are designed to be quieter and cater to your family, as we want everyone to enjoy Play-tropolis. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are concerned about anything. 


Saturday 25th May -  Afternoon Tea with the Princesses

Sunday 9th June
 - Traintime

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