What's inside?

explore the high street

Let your little ones enjoy the vibrant town and explore each of our 9 role play locations, with a road and transport to connect each. Whether they want to put out fires, fly to space or care for animals, at Play-tropolis we have endless possibilities to ignite their imagination, and have fun in a town created specifically for them!


4,3,2,1 – Blast off! Let your little ones put on their spacesuits and launch into space on our Play-tropolis rocket. Your children can even sit back in the control centre and make the magic happen.


Lights, cameras, action! Whether they are an up-and-coming musician, a budding actor, or an aspiring dancer, we want to give your little performers the chance to take to the stage, complete with costumes and instruments.


Next patient please! Here at the health centre, housing a doctor’s surgery and dentist, they can grab their stethoscope or sit in the chair to get their teeth checked out!


Afternoon tea anyone? At our café your children can put on their aprons and become chefs cooking up a storm in the kitchen. They can look after front of house, or simply have a catch up with their friends over a nice cup of tea.


Your little ones can make their way around the aisles grabbing a couple of bits with their baskets or do a ‘big shop’ with a trolley. Or perhaps they’d prefer to be a little key worker, taking up a position behind the till!

Hair & Beauty

Everyone loves a little pamper. Whether your little ones want to style at the hairdressing stations or book their clients in for their next appointment, they can do it all at the hairdressers!


Bring out your little one’s nurturing side at our veterinary practise, where they can take care of the animals or sit in the waiting room with their unwell pet.


Our outdoor garden and communal area offer a place for your little ones to come together after a long day at work. Whether they want to work in the ice-cream van or get the BBQ going.

Fire Station

Emergency! Grab the hose let’s put out the fire! With uniforms, a fire pole and fully equipped fire engine, your little ones will become a fire chief in no time.

Post Office

Special delivery! Your little ones can help deliver very important post around Play-tropolis.

Welcome to play-tropolis

role-play centre

Play-tropolis is a role-play centre located in the West Midlands, which provides a fun and immersive experience for your little ones.

We offer 9 different role play locations within Play-tropolis, meaning your children will never be short of activities whilst they explore and take on a variety of job roles.

For the adults we offer a café to supervise your children from a distance or have a catch up and a coffee with friends.