Children's Role-play centre Wombourne

Play-tropolis is a role-play centre in Wombourne that aims to be a place of pure enjoyment for children. With Wombourne being our home town, we know that there are lots of little guests that want to play, socialise and show off their characters in a fun environment.

Lockdown highlighted the lack of indoor play areas near me available that encourage children to let their imaginations run wild. On top of this, we have the unreliable British weather, which can leave us stuck and wondering what fun indoor activities there are to do in the West Midlands.

These elements combined with desire to create an environment for children to express themselves, left us to create an indoor role-play centre, Play-tropolis.

If you are looking for fun things to do in Wombourne, you’ve found exactly that! We provide over 10 role play locations for children to immerse themselves in. With different costumes, props and scenarios, it is a guaranteed day of enjoyment for children. Whether they want to take the stage in a role-play theatre, keep play-tropolis well maintained with construction props or become a little health professional with some doctor instruments.

Play-tropolis will save you from constantly searching for ‘fun activities near me’ and is a great opportunity for children to bounce off each other and spark some friendships. Mixing the creative scenarios with each little imagination can come together and form one amazing experience for everyone. Making new friends by tackling the different role-play scenarios is something us adults love to see.

Parents can sit back in our on-site café and watch the magic blossom at our indoor play area in Wombourne.

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If you are looking for fun activities in the Midlands, Take a trip and visit our indoor play area in Wombourne - You won't be disappointed!

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