Our children's role-play centre in Wolverhampton has opened!

April 26, 2022

After months of hard work, Play-tropolis is now open and ready to welcome lots of little guests.

After months of meticulous planning, a huge renovation project and lots of hard work, we are proud to announce the opening of Play-tropolis, a children’s role-play centre in Wolverhampton.

We welcome children to come and explore our venue filled with various areas of role play, props, costumes and much more. Walk around the different locations and let your child’s imagination run wild as they become firefighters, actors, doctors, construction workers and anything else they would like to be.

Play-tropolis has been opened with the initiative to create a place of imaginative freedom for children and guarantee a day of pure enjoyment. During lockdown, the lack of indoor play centres in Wolverhampton was highlighted to us, so we had to do something about it! With this, the idea of a children’s role-play centre was born and Play-tropolis started to come together nicely.

Our team have been incredibly hard at work to create the perfect place for all of this to happen and for you to be impressed with what our venue can offer. With colourful surroundings, plenty of props and costumes, and amazing sets, your children will be amazed and encouraged to go and check everything out.

We love the concept of children can be anything they want to be, and that is exactly what to expect at Play-tropolis. If you are looking for fun things to do in Wolverhampton, you should visit this new children’s indoor play centre and let your children experience it all.

We hope to see many children playing together and letting their creative minds combine to become any character and occupation they wish to be. Play-tropolis is a very welcoming and friendly environment and we would encourage all children to have this approach too, so that everyone can be sure to have an amazing time.

Here at Play-tropolis, we hope that this will be a great place for a family day out and so we have something for the adults to enjoy too, an on-site café. Sit back and watch the smiles appear on the little faces or hear the laughter roar throughout the building as you catch up with family members or friends over coffee.

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Take a trip to Play-tropolis children’s indoor play centre in the West Midlands and it can be a great day out for you and your kids. We would love to hear your feedback and hope that you love what we have in place.

Our doors are open and we are ready to see lots of excitable children come in and play. Bring the family down and enjoy an incredible day at Play-tropolis!

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