SEN sessions at our children’s role-play centre

July 11, 2022

We have allocated some SEN Sessions dates so that slight changes to our role-play centre can allow your child to feel comfortable.

Our newly opened role-play centre is rapidly expanding and we are delighted to see our guests are loving the place!

Play-tropolis is a children’s role-play centre based in Wolverhampton, set up with the principles of allowing children to be whatever they want to be. With this in mind, we also wanted to create a space of inclusion that welcomes all children in our premises and accommodate them as best possible.

As a result of this, our indoor play area accommodates children with disabilities, autism, special needs and sensory needs, and has introduced specific SEN activities in Wolverhampton to those who would prefer this. These allocated dates of our SEN sessions are Sunday 17th July 2022 and Sunday 30th October 2022.

What is included in our SEN sessions?

Quiet music

If there were to be any music playing inside our role-play centre, it is quietened to be a lower level of noise as we understand that some children do not like loud noises. This can keep your children calm and allow them to explore our role-play locations without any interference.

Quiet sessions

These dedicated SEN sessions are to make your children as comfortable as we can, and that means that we have closed our indoor play area to the rest of the public. Again, this is to ensure that your child can freely play across all our role-play areas without lots of other little guests. This creates a calm and soothing environment with more opportunities for them to be able to see the entirety of Play-tropolis.

Low lighting

To prevent any stress, you can expect low lighting with no flashing aspects involved during our SEN sessions in Wolverhampton. The low-level lighting hopefully helps your children to feel relaxed and doesn’t overstimulate those who don’t like bright lights in a room.

Friendly staff

You will be welcomed by a friendly team at Play-tropolis role-play centre who truly want each guest to have an amazing experience and will take extra measures to make this happen. We strive to be a place of pure inclusion and our staff will go the extra mile to make your child feel comfortable and get them involved in our SEN sessions.

Children’s role-play centre

This role-play centre allows all children to become whatever they want to be and believes all children should be able to enjoy what we can offer.

If you are looking for a kid’s party in Wolverhampton, choose from one of our party packages that can include exclusive hire of our venue, so you get the place all to yourselves!  These parties can be adapted to suit any special needs of your children and we guarantee to make the day one to remember.

Find out more about our kid’s parties in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

If you would like more information about us, please get in touch and discover more about SEN sessions in our role-play centre.

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